Mexico is really hMexico pictureot.  When I was there it was 35 degrees in January! And all of the locale’s were wearing fleece pants and long sleeve shirts. 

I went snorkeling and saw lots of fish with bright colored stripes hiding around the coral. There was about 3 different kinds of them.

 I even got to let 3 Olive Riddaly turtles a few feet away from the water.

 In town there is a store where they sell hand made bead animals. To make them they start with a clay or wood sculpture then they cover the sculpture with wax so the tiny colored beads can stick on to the wood or clay. They make detailed drawings that all mean something different.

 And if you like waves you in luck because the waves in Mexico can get around six feet tall! Still though there is a few sting rays. You can see people bring them up in nets. I even saw a puffer fish! I hope you enjoyed my post. 🙂

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