Dear Blog I Have Decided…

I have decided to keep my blog for the summer because I have now had it for two years and I have put a lot of my time and energy into it.

What I have enjoyed most about blogging is writing all my posts.

I learned about myself that I like writing long sentience’s and paragraphs on the computer better than with a pencil.

The Monsters Of Minecraft

This is a post on the monsters of Minecraft! I’m going to start by showing a
list of all the monster mobs (mobiles).

– Creepers:

creepers are the most popular of all the monsters. Creepers are green and have four legs, when close to you they usually hiss but unfortunately sometimes you turn around and the last thing you see is a flashing creeper looking at you… Creepers tend to exploded when they get near you.


zombies are one the easiest monster to kill, they are slow and they don’t attack very well ether.


skullys are skeletons with bows usually hard to kill by the fact that there constantly shooting at you.


spiders can climb up any kind of block including a cactus which is kind of weird seeming that they almost always die from it, and the spiders can’t go down one block thick holes because of their shape.

Spider Jockeys:

spider jockeys are basically just skullys riding on a spider so their twice as hard to kill because one you kill one you have to kill the other to.


slimes are green, pretty rare and are only found underground when you hurt them they splitting and splitting in to smaller ones until they kind of explode/disappear.

Ghasts and zombie pig-men:

ghasts and zombie pigmen are only found in the nether (the hell world), ghasts are big ghosts with tentacles that shoot fiery cannonballs, and the zombie pig-men are just  zombified pig guys that walk upright with a gold sword. The zombie pig-men are peaceful until you attack them.

And that was my post on the monsters of Minecraft! If you have anything to say comment. 😀

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Class Camping At Ti-pi Park

A few days ago our class went camping to Ti pi Park at Airport beach. We stayed for one night in a really nice big campsite with a huge fire pit that was about ten  by ten feet. The campfire was great for roasting hot-dogs and marshmallows. We played games like sardines if you don’t know is a game where you pick 1, 2 or 3 people to be it then they go and hide, after counting the rest of the people go and try to find the people and when they do they secretly hide with the person until all the people are fond then they count all the people each it person has, whoever has the least wins.

We also played kick the can, beach soccer and predator and prey. We were doing skits on animal adaptations for a science thing and a random other drama skit in our groups. For me they weren’t as funny to do as they were to watch. The weather was really great for the beach which was good because for most of both days we were there! There we did things like catching tons of small fish and eels with nets, playing soccer, building sand castles and dames and skim boarding.

My favorite moment of camping was when I was building this structure out of different twigs and sticks because I felt it was peaceful. Especially because it was on school time.

Have you gone camping some where really cool and want to share?

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S.A.R. Tech Skydiving

Who Needs Parachutes

This great image by: Thomas Hawk: Who Needs Parachutes

Today at our school  three Search And Rescue tech people parachuted down to our field. Which made me think, would I want to jump out of a plane?? Definitely not for me. Jumping out of a plane about 3 000 feet of the ground with nothing to stop me splatting into the earth but a flimsy parachute that could malfunction at any moment is just to scary.

Would I want to be a S.A.R. tech? Well it isn’t the first thing on my list for jobs I want to have when I’m older. And I don’t think I have the right  skill for it.

Have I been in danger and in need of rescue? Not really, though when I was around three I almost drowned in a fast flowing river.

Thanks for reading my post on S.A.R.!

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IMG_1581You know sailing may seem scary at first on the docks but with the waves and the wind it is really fun once you get out there. Our class went sailing with Compass Adventure at our marina on cats (catamarans) for about eight sessions that where two hours on each.

The first and second session wasn’t as fun because it was mostly learning about irons, setting up the sails and teaching us how to tell what speed and what direction the wind is coming from. It wasn’t sailing but it was still really interesting and I learned lot’s. Like what all the different names of the catamarans parts where, like shrouds (the ropes or wires that help keep the mast stable) and the Hiking straps (black straps that are attached to the trampoline part of the “cat” that you tuck your feet under when your ether going really fast or your “hiking”). I also learned about manning the “cat’s”, positions like in the back there are two people, one would steer the tiller and another would tighten and loosen the main sail. They would switch jobs depending what side the sail was on.

If I where asked if I would do compass adventure again I would defiantly say yes! It was really really fun and I think anyone would have a great time even if they where afraid of going into the water!

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Our Class Election

Hello this is Liam reporting on our free and fair huzzanian goodwill council elections with our six candidates JackMaxKeenan, Meghan, Molly and Darion.

The Huzzahnians elected were Max! Meghan! And Jack! The election went really well because of our returning officer Andrew who did a great job making the election free and fair.



The rules that helped make the election free and fair like your not allowed to beg or bribe to the voters to vote for you,  you can only vote once and you can deiced if you want to vote and who you vote for.

person trying to put up avertisements

person trying to put up avertisements

This is Liam calling out, Goodbye!

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What I’ve Learned Outside of School

mount washingtonOne of the things out of school is how to ski up on Mt. Washington in the Comox Valley. Because I needed to learn how to take better turns when going down a steep drop. It was also a little harder to learn to go forward and strait with out doing the snow plow with my ski’s when the run had so many icy jagged bumps in it.

I didn’t really want to learn how to ski better than I could before but my mom had just bought my ski equipment so I didn’t want to make her mad. The difference it will make for me is that I am now able to ski better than I could before which will help me later somehow.

Anyone who doesn’t know how to ski but thinks it looks cool should really try it  because it is super fun once you get the hang of it! That’s the end of my post on what I learned out of school! 😀

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Ukrainian Pysanky Easter Eggs


My egg that I designed

In our class we did these construction paper Easter eggs that are going to be hung up in our mall. On one side we where allowed to do whatever we want, that somehow related to Easter. On the other side we drew Ukrainian Pysanky designs. The Ukrainians used the eggs to send prayers. All the symbols mean different things like wheat represents a good harvest and health and roses represents love and caring. Colors also mean different things (at the bottom I have a circle thing that shows what the colors mean). I think my favorite part (symbol) would be the guy jumping into shark infested waters. The two main animal symbols are a rooster and a spider, the spider are said to mean good luck and the rooster one of the most popular symbols on pysanky eggs mean many many children for your family but there are lots of different meanings for the rooster. The thing that looks like a small checker board is a net that symbolizes Christ’s reference to becoming fishers. Obviously the symbol that is not traditional is the my favorite one. And that is my post on Pysanky! (If you want to learn a little more about pysanky eggs I have a Wikipedia link).

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Image: Hanky Pysanky by forkable


Image: Pyanky Symbols

A Place To Visit On Vancouver Island

I’m going to talk about a really cool place that you should visit on Vancouver Island is:

Stoten falls.

Stoten falls is a big river in Courtenay that runs of the Puntlege river on Vancouver Island B.C. It is a really cool place to go in the summer because the water is shallow with a ton of pot-holes that are filled with the warmish

By specialtep

Image: Nymph falls 04 by: specialtep

water. There are also a lot of waterfalls that are really fun to jump off of. The biggest one I think it is a little more dangerous for my standards (not saying I’m scared) but it’s like 35 feet tall. There is also a fish ladder cut out of the rock so it looks like giant stairs, and also because of the fish ladder and some of the condition’s you can see a lot of little schools of small salmon. But because It is such a fun place to go there is usually a lot of people there, but it doesn’t really matter because the rivers so big.

And that is the end of my post on a place to visit on Vancouver Island!

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Pendragon Series

My favorite book series that I’ve ever read and am still reading is the Pendragon Books. Right now I’m on book 8 out of the ten. It is kind of hard to explain but I’ll do it anyway, well the mane character in the books is Bobby Pendragon. He is a traveler which are people that can travel through these things called flumes, the flumes are like these highways through territories, territories are different places like earth is a territory except it is called second earth because there are three earth territories First earth(year 1937), Second earth(right now) and Third earth(year 5026). There are 10 territories in all including all the earth ones. There is a lot of  things that I could tell about but they are to hard to explain so I think you should just read the books because it is really awesome and exciting with a lot of adventure. I hope you get the chance to read these books!

(The Pendragon Books↓)

the Merchant of deaththe lost city of faarthe never warthe reality bugblack water

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