Pendragon Series

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My favorite book series that I’ve ever read and am still reading is the Pendragon Books. Right now I’m on book 8 out of the ten. It is kind of hard to explain but I’ll do it anyway, well the mane character in the books is Bobby Pendragon. He is a traveler which are people that can travel through these things called flumes, the flumes are like these highways through territories, territories are different places like earth is a territory except it is called second earth because there are three earth territories First earth(year 1937), Second earth(right now) and Third earth(year 5026). There are 10 territories in all including all the earth ones. There is a lot of  things that I could tell about but they are to hard to explain so I think you should just read the books because it is really awesome and exciting with a lot of adventure. I hope you get the chance to read these books!

(The Pendragon Books↓)

the Merchant of deaththe lost city of faarthe never warthe reality bugblack water

Edited by: Zach and Matthew

the rivers of Zadaathe Quillan games

the Pilgrims of Rayneraven rise

the soldeirs of halla

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